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Microtechnology (MiT) consulting provides world class least-cost software development, web development, maintenance and BPO services to our clients worldwide. We drive our outsourcing business by leveraging our pool of world-class software developers and IT service providers. We have an excellent team of professional management and staff who possess technical expertise, problem solving skills, initiative, education, and English language proficiency.

System Integration

Systems Integration is a major priority for companies that have invested in multiple software solutions operating on different platforms. Without systems integration, that data remains isolated in silos that can’t talk to each other. The result is lost business intelligence opportunities due to scattered data that can’t be analyzed and used to drive business decisions. (In case of our Telecom & Enterprise products we do the integration regardless of vendor and technology.) Our systems integration services offer a variety of integration technology solutions to connect platforms, applications and trading partners. We consider following for systems integration services:

Take advantage of systems integration consultants.
Integrating systems and technology platforms: integration or independence?
Using service-oriented architecture (SOA) as a solution for systems integration.
Integrating systems with enterprise application integration (EAI) solutions.
Integration technology to link trade partners.