Cloud ERP

MicroTech Cloud ERP (FEMaS) is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) and management solution designed to meet the requirements of midsize and large enterprise businesses. The solution primarily assists companies with accounting, human resource and inventory management and business intelligence functionalities.

Bulk SMS

MicroTech Bulk SMS service lets you send SMS to a range of networks in each country. SMS can be send directly from your PC, web account or using API. MicroTech SMS service aims to provide a standard platform to allow clients in Bangladesh to quickly deploy any SMS service. This includes SMS alerts, SMS marketing campaigns or SMS for CRM.

QR Payment

QR Pay is a recent feature of payment gateway in which the Direct Payment Link has been upgraded. Merchants can generate QR (Quick Response) code which they can send to their customers to expedite payments via mobile devices.

Sales Force Tracking & Order Collection Apps (SFTOCA)

MicroTech Sales Force Tracking & Order Collection Apps (SFTOCA) offers on field sales employee GPS location tracking, attendance system, sales visit tracking, sales order and payment collection data logging via mobile app connected to web app.

Insurance Agent Managemnt Solution (IAMS) Apps

Using the MICROTECH Insurance Agent Managemnt Solution (IAMS) Apps solution insurance company will be able to control the business centrally. Insurance agent will be able to offer new insurance proposal and also will be able to renew exiting insurance renew instantly. This solution will enable insurance company to reduce its revenue risk also enable better control over agents countrywide.

Queue Management Solution (QMS)

MicroTech queue management software helps you organize your waiting lines by providing visitors with an easy ordering method based on “first in first out”, prescheduled appointments, and more sophisticated methods. It is perfect solution for any kind od customer services provider (i.e. Bank, Hospital, Insurance etc)

Online Recruitment

To secure the right candidate you need a strategic hiring solution that seamlessly combines expert knowledge, cutting edge technology and world class customer service. That’s us.As leading innovators in online recruitment solution provider, we consistently outperform traditional recruitment agencies. We work in partnership with you, integrating our proven methods into your existing in-house recruitment process, saving you time and money.

E-Commerce Hosting Portal

We are providing all-in-one e-commerce platform at on price that include online store, hosting and payment gateway. Managing server and the teams can cost you thounsands of money per year and take away from the time you could be running you business.

IT Manage Service

We provide end to end IT manamge services including System Integration, Data Cenetr and Network Support, DBA and IT procurement. We speak the language of your business and translating our IT services into terms that are understandable, empowering and, ultimately, transformative. Trust, honesty and open communication are more than just words. it is the foundation of our exceptional IT support services and proven results.


Lease Finance Software

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Credit & Investment Management
  => Lease , Term Loan, Work Order Loan, Housing Loan
  => Factoring Loan, SME Loan, Loan against TDR
  => TDR , FDR, DPS, Call Money
Centralize Accounts
Online CIB
Centralize Web base Solution

Agent Banking

Oline Based Agent Terminal
Four Step Security
  => Bank Account, Biometric identification
  => SMS Notification, Paper slip
Available Services
  => Account Opening, Cash Deposit, Cash Withdraw
  => Remitance Disbursement, P2P , P2B, Merchant Payment
  => Cheque Book Requisition, Deposit Requisition
  => Statement Enquery, Balance Enquire
  => Utility Bill Payment

Mobile Banking

Supported Channel
  => USSD, WAP, APPS, Web, IVR
  => Multi operator SMS notification
  => Multiple wallet against single mobile number
Available Services
  => Open Mobile Wallet, Balance enquiry, Mini Statement
  => Fund Tranfer, P2P , P2B, Merchant Payment
  => Mobile Deposit, Mobile Top Up, Mobile Salary
  => Utility Bill Payment

Internet & Apps Banking

Supported Technology
  => Responsive Web Interface
  => All Device compitable
  => Native Mobile Apps for Androaid, IOS & Windows
  => SMS and Device Base OTP Engine
Available Services
  => Account Summary, Account Details, Pin Chnange
  => Account Statement, Balance enquiry, Intra Bank Transfer Fund
  => External Bank Transfer Fund, Beneficiary management, Cheque book request
  => Utility Bill Payment, Auto Debit Instruction

Human Resource Software (HRMS)

Available Features
  => i-Recruitment, HR Apps
  => Centralized Attendance (Thumb, NFC & Apps)
  => Leave Process, Roster Management
  => Performance Management, Payroll & Gratuity Management
  => Advance, Claim & Loan Management
  => HR & MIS Reports, Employee Settlement
  => Employee Welfare, Travel Management
  => Provident Fund, Gratuaty
  => SMS & Email Notification

Supply Chain Managemnet (SCM)

Available Features
  => Parameterized Inventory, Supplier Management
  => Supplierwise Product Costing & Comparison
  => Centralized Requisition Appoval
  => Multi Workorder against signle or multi requisition
  => Bynamic Inventory